Caught at sea

capturado en altamar

Wild Product

Marisco salvaje

Processed in Huelva


seleccionado a mano

Healthy Product


Experience and Professionalism

We are a benchmark in the industry, since we have more than 30 years of experience. We rigorously comply with national and international regulations, respecting the premises determined by the principle of "sustainable fishing", in order to minimize the environmental impact. We have a great technical and management team that knows the needs of the market and adapts quickly to changes, offering all kinds of solutions.

Premium Quality

We have a Comprehensive Quality System in place. We guarantee the highest quality in the raw material used, the processes we execute, the final product we serve, as well as the commercial and after-sales service. We handpick (following the Huelva tradition) the best products, starting from an exceptional raw material, to the best fishing grounds, complying with all the requirements imposed by the food safety rules.

Flexibility and Versatility

We fully adapt to our clients’ needs, always seeking their greatest satisfaction. We are flexible and versatile, working every day to provide a totally personalized service to each of our customers, adapting to their schedule in terms of requesting and receiving orders. In addition, we are prepared to produce whatever products our customer’s request.


We are importers from origin, conducting direct agreements with ship-owners in Huelva and we attend the main auctions in Huelva and Cádiz.

About Us

Octogamba SL is a Spanish company with over 30 years’ experience in its sector, dedicated to the manufacture, elaboration and distribution of fish and frozen products on the high seas, from the best fishing grounds in Africa. We process and elaborate this wild seafood covering all the links in the production chain, in order to offer an unmatched quality of products by controlling each phase of the process. Our company has a unique ability to unite and harmonize the traditional spirit of yesteryear, with the most avant-garde and innovative technologies in the industry.

Some of the main characteristics that define us are:

Wide range of products

We offer a wide variety of wild seafood caught at sea.


We offer our clients more than 30 years of work worth experience in the industry.

Custom service

Each client obtains with us an individualized attention to their needs, and we jointly analyze which would be the best products to cover their needs.

Prioritizing Quality

We start off an outstanding raw material, an extremely careful preparation and rigorous processing systems that guarantee maximum food safety.

Innovation and tradition

We are improving constantly, adapting to the new technologies that are appearing in order to always offer the best possible product, but without abandoning the traditional and artisanal vision that differentiates us.

Honesty and professionalism

We never assume commitments that we cannot fulfill. When we close agreements with clients, our main premise is not to fail a single order.

Wild Product

Our product is wild seafood fished and frozen at sea, which allows it to preserve all its qualities and maintain a high quality standard.

Processed in Huelva

Selected by hand, piece by piece by our professionals, thus guaranteeing an impeccable presentation and quality.

We select our products by hand to always deliver the highest quality.

Our Products

The great variety of raw materials that we work with, paired up with various manufacturing processes, technologies, different formats and packaging that shape our final products, which we elaborate in an artisanal fashion, select and treat manually with the care and pamper required for this particularly delicate product, allows us to fully adjust to the needs of each of our customers.

On board products

These are species frozen on board, freshly fished in the high seas, which are subjected to deep freezing processes, consisting of freezing the products completely at -40 Cº in less than 2 hours to minimize the loss of organoleptic properties, which allows preserving to the maximum its flavor.

Processed products

We know what our clients want and how they want it. Our products are perfectly adjusted to the needs and demands of our customers so they can enjoy a product of the highest quality.

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